Platform: The Ground Your Brand Stands On | Converge Episode 008

MIchael Hyatt

Your Platform is Your Authority Dane Sanders interviews Michael Hyatt about the importance of establishing your brand platform and offers tips and strategies on how to set your business up to win. It turns out your platform may be the most important … [Continue reading]

Own Your Responsibility or Forget Your Creativity Business | Converge Episode 007

Everybody gets that building a business is not for the faint of heart. What's common is to start-up on enthusiasm and not establish the core of what's needed to become viable. What's amazing is … [Continue reading]

Why Your Story Matters | Converge Episode 006

What would it take for you to tell a bigger story? Perhaps the biggest reason why the best narratives compel us to action is because they invite you and me into a bigger story of our own. Our latest CONVERGE episode is all about   … [Continue reading]

Overcoming the Newbie Mindset | Converge Episode 005

Opened notebook and pen

Do you ever wonder if you will ever be good enough to make it as a pro? Whether you are new to the photography industry or a seasoned veteran, the story you tell yourself often has more impact than anything else.  Join me and my guest as we talk … [Continue reading]

What Happens in Vegas… | Converge Episode 004


If you made it out to WPPI in Las Vegas last week you no doubt came home having met a ton of new people and took in lots of new ideas and information. Is it possible that you also came home feeling low despite all the things you learned and … [Continue reading]

The Passionate Pursuit of Happiness | Converge Episode 003

Opened notebook and pen

Do you ever feel like all your passions just don't align into a neat cohesive box? Many of us of us don't. Tamara Lackey joins me as I dive into a question about navigating a passion filled life and how decide where to focus those passions and how … [Continue reading]

Unwritten Rules for Professional Photographers | Converge Episode 002

Opened notebook and pen

Track one guy's honest question about full frame cameras to a deeper investigation around what it means to be a pro. I hope it helps you negotiate your own rules for working in this industry. There's a cameo by estate wedding photographer Mike … [Continue reading]