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The Art of Work with Jeff Goins | Episode 039


Jeff Goins,author of The Art of Work, is a gifted writer and creative. From his highly popular blog to his online course for writers, the amount of quality work Jeff produces leaves you wondering how he pulls it off.

In this episode Jeff shares how he manages the tension between work and life and what that looks like in his daily routine. He and Dane also explore ideas around creating with intention to impact both your audience and personal life.

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Links Mentioned on the Show

Jeff’s Blog
The Art of Work (Get a free copy of the book- just pay shipping!)
The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

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Habit Hacking with Tony Stubblebine | Episode 038



In this episode Dane is joined by Tony Stubblebine, co-founder of (formerly, to talk habit hacking. They explore the difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset and how your belief in this area affects how optimized you are for growth. The discussion ranges from the best time to wake up in the morning, to the value of having a coach, to the habit of creativity, to smart cuts vs. short cuts.

One thing is clear to both Dane and Tony: intentionally adopting habits will change your life.

*Note: Throughout the episode Dane and Tony reference the platform It is now

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Links Mentioned on the Show

Gretchen Rubin
Tim Ferriss
Carol Dweck
Hire Dane on to help with your habit hacking’s WeaveWriter 30-Day Challenge
Learn Meditation Fast

Thanks to Triple Scoop Music for providing the music for today’s show and thanks to our wonderful audio producer Anna Queza of AQreative.

Making A Difference With Your Creativity with David Trotter | Episode 037


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The Artisan Soul with Erwin McManus | Episode 036


Dane is joined by Erwin McManus, author of The Artisan Soul, to dig into the topic of being creative humans created by a creative God. Erwin suggests that creativity is what we are made for even if you don’t label yourself as a creative or artist. … [Continue reading]

Art, Commerce and Keeping Your Soul with Tucker Nichols | Episode 035


In this episode of Converge, Dane Sanders talks with Tucker Nichols about how he went from studying the history of Chinese painting to becoming an artist himself. Not satisfied with a single medium, Tucker explored everything from drawing and … [Continue reading]

Anatomy of the Creative Entrepreneur with Dr. Tim Brown | Episode 034


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