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How to Build a Business From Your Life Resume with Andy Petranek | Episode 040


“When you see how an average person can

Dane is joined by Andy Petranek, co-founder of Whole Life Challenge, to talk about creating a thriving business from your life resume.

Some of the topics they cover:

  • How to avoid trading time and talent for money.
  • How to build a real business model that scales.
  • Gamification and how it changed everything with Andy’s business.
  • What it looks like to relate to risk without being foolish.
  • How you, the listener, can parlay your own talent into a truly viable business.


AndyPetranekAndy Petranek

Andy is the owner of CrossFit LA, one of the first and most successful CrossFit training centers in the world (now there are over 5000). A former professional adventure racer, extreme athlete, and master white-water kayaker and mountaineer, he’s completed scores of extreme races and challenges. A U.S. Marines Gulf War veteran, Andy was the oldest participant, at 43, to qualify for the 2009 CrossFit Games.

He is the co-founder of Whole Life Challenge, a online game that started in 2011 with 150 people and currently has more than 20k participants in each of 3 events each year. The challenge promotes establishing health and fitness habits.

Andy lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Julia and son, Dashel.

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Links Mentioned on the Show

Whole Life Challenge – Establish great health and fitness habits.
@andypetranek – Follow Andy on Twitter.

Thanks to Triple Scoop Music for providing the music for today’s show and thanks to our wonderful audio producer Anna Queza of AQreative.

The Art of Work with Jeff Goins | Episode 039


Jeff Goins,author of The Art of Work, is a gifted writer and creative. From his highly popular blog to his online course for writers, the amount of quality work Jeff produces leaves you wondering how he pulls it off.

In this episode Jeff shares how he manages the tension between work and life and what that looks like in his daily routine. He and Dane also explore ideas around creating with intention to impact both your audience and personal life.

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Links Mentioned on the Show

Jeff’s Blog
The Art of Work (Get a free copy of the book- just pay shipping!)
The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

Thanks to Triple Scoop Music for providing the music for today’s show and thanks to our wonderful audio producer Anna Queza of AQreative.

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