Throwing Yourself Into The Creative Fire with Michael Yankoski | Episode 027



Most creatives would agree that giving yourself to the creative process is vital to your success as a creative. It is vital to creating authentic work worth sharing with the world. And we all have our own version of that creative process.

Michael Yankoski’s creative process is unique in that it is highly experiential.

It could be said it is like throwing yourself into the creative fire. What has emerged for author and speaker, Michael Yankoski is thoughtful, authentic, moving work. The kind of work that shatters previously held presuppositions about the world.

Michael choose to spend five months living on the street in an effort to better understand what it is like to be homeless. The result of that experience was his book Under The Overpass.

His most recent experiential, creative endeavor resulted in his new book The Sacred Year that releases today (September 16, 2014). This book is the culmination of a year spent exploring ancient and modern spiritual practices in an effort to not just talk about a life of faith but actually experience it.

As Michael joins Dane in this episode of Converge they talk about his various life experiences and how his creativity is shaped by the power of those experiences. They also discuss the challenges of creating in the context of the creative community. In Michael’s case it was publishing a book and navigating the tension between working with a publisher and staying true to his creative vision as an artist.

If you enjoy this episode of Converge be sure to check out Michael’s work and even consider grabbing a copy of The Sacred Year. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter @michaelyankoski.

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Everybody Writes With Ann Handley | Episode 026



You are a writer.

Sure, you may not be a writer in the traditional sense as it relates to publishing books or articles for publication. Maybe you don’t even have a blog or website where you publish content. Maybe you do. Either way, writing is a core human technology. It’s something we all do on some level. It’s a necessity.

Ann Handley, author, speaker, curator, marketer, taste maker and generally awesome person, joins Dane in this episode of Converge. They talk about Ann’s journey from college, to publishing her latest book and many things in between.

They also get into ideas around writing and content marketing. Ann shares her thoughts about the myth that writing is only for the chosen few. They also talk about Ann’s new book Everybody Writes and it’s applications for both marketers in large companies and soloprenuers trying to reach their audiences.

If you want to find more of Ann’s work you can find her at, Marketing Profs and on Twitter @annhandley or @marketingprofs. Also, if you’re in Boston in October, I’ll be speaking at her B2B Marketing Forum. Come say hi!

Last thing: If you catch this episode before her book launch on September 15, 2014, you may still be able to get the free prize pack she is sending out to those that pre-order. Her swag is killer! Find out more at

Thanks to Triple Scoop Music for providing the music for today’s show and thanks to our wonderful audio producer Anna Queza of AQreative.

The Power of Enthusiasm With Grant Spanier | Episode 025


GrantSpanierDo you know where you are right now? How about where you want to go with your creativity and your business?

Do you have what it takes to assert yourself in such a way to make that happen?

If hard work and sheer enthusiasm can get you where you want to go Grant is certainly a walking example. Writer, designer and entrepreneur, Grant Spanier, has accomplished at 23 what people twice his age aspire to.

In this episode Dane and Grant explore the power of enthusiasm as it relates to creative work. They talk about failure, knowing what you want and how to stay agile in your decision making. Grant even shares about his experience working with Seth Godin for two weeks. It involves tears, a cucumber and wise words from Seth.

If you enjoy this episode with Grant Spanier, be sure to check out his podcast 10,000 Hours Podcast. You can also find his writing on Medium (here’s the Living For Monday Article mentioned on the show), his design agency over at as well as follow him on Twitter.

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