A Beautiful Anarchy with David duChemin | Episode 024

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Converge Podcast Episode 024


Life is hard.

How we envision our life going isn’t always how it turns out. Events and circumstances aren’t always what we prefer. They change our desires and passions. Sometimes they put a damper on our dreams – or even crush them.

Of course you don’t need me to tell you that. This is the human condition. This is the part of reality that none of us are exempt from.

Even still, many of us dare to dream anyway. We have things we long to express and create.

But the question remains: How do we manage to keep going when life – even the creative life – can become so messy?

Photographer, author and teacher, David duChemin is no stranger to life changing events and circumstances. Nor is he a stranger to the painful parts of humanity, taking him along sometimes unwelcome paths.

As background, it’s helpful to know that David is as comfortable in the academy as he is on stage as a comedian entertaining auditoriums full of people. He’s also acted as an advocate of those in need by documenting their lives through his camera lens. All these varied experiences set him up quite nicely to share what he’s learned in the form of writing and speaking.

David has lived an undeniably colorful and creative life.

But, his expressions of experience took a different tone after falling from a 30 foot wall putting him in the hospital for 40 days.

Join Dane and David as they talk about the creative life and the creative process. And how what we do effects who we are and who we are effects what we do.

If you enjoy this interview be sure to check out David’s new book A Beautiful Anarchy. You can also see more of David’s work and connect with him at his personal site and on Facebook or Twitter.

As mentioned on the show, here is the link to Dane’s article The Elephant In The Room.

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